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Business nameChiba City International Association
2-1 Chiba Port, Chuo-ku, Chiba City Chiba Central Community Center 2nd floor
ContactTEL 043-245-5750 FAX 043-245-5751 Email 
Support hours: Monday-Saturday 3: XNUMX-XNUMX: XNUMX (excluding Sundays and holidays)
Responsible personChairman Kazuo Kintsuna
Services to be provided, product price and shipping feeIt depends on the content and products of the services provided, including the annual membership fee of supporting members.
Please check the details on the relevant page of our website.
All listed prices include consumption tax.
We will bear the shipping charges.
Necessary charges other than service / product price and shipping fee① Fee for payment
・ Bank transfer fee: paid by the user
・ Credit card payment fee: borne by the association
・ Convenience payment fee: borne by the association
(XNUMX) Internet communication costs associated with taking the online course: paid by the user
How to applyPlease apply using the application form on our website, fax, mail, or at the reception desk of our association.
Payment method and timingYou can pay by our association window, bank transfer, credit card, convenience store.
We will inform you of the payment time separately after application.
Delivery time of service or goodsFor services (language courses, various courses, events and use of conference rooms), please check the date and time of holding and use from our website.
As a general rule, products will be shipped within XNUMX business days from the date of order.If shipping is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, we will contact you individually.
About special return policy① Membership fee for supporting members
Please note that in principle, we cannot cancel or refund the membership fee for supporting members after payment has been made.
② Services (language courses, various courses, events)
Please note that we cannot refund tuition fees, participation fees, etc. once paid for various courses and events.Also, even if you cancel the course in the middle of the course, refunds and transfers to other courses are not possible in principle.
For language courses (Japanese class and language salon), the user must receive the attendance confirmation email (contract document) only if the offer period exceeds XNUMX months and the total contract amount exceeds XNUMX yen. You can withdraw your contract application in writing within XNUMX days.If you have already paid the tuition fee, we will give you a full refund.
In addition, if there is a request to cancel the contract after the above cooling-off application period has elapsed, the contract can be canceled halfway by paying the written notification and the cancellation fee specified below.
 Cancellation fee in case of contract cancellation by the day before the course start date: XNUMX yen
 Cancellation fee in case of contract cancellation after the course start date: XNUMX% of the remaining tuition fee or the lower of XNUMX yen
③ Product
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to user convenience.
However, we accept returns and exchanges due to defects in the product only within XNUMX days after the product arrives.In that case, the shipping fee will be borne by the association.