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[Information collection and provision business]

We provide information on administrative services and disaster information related to daily life in multiple languages ​​through our website, Facebook, and lifestyle information magazines so that foreign citizens can live with peace of mind.

<Homepage management>

We widely disseminate information necessary for the lives of foreign citizens and the business contents of the association through our website and Facebook.

<Publishing of the association information magazine "Fureai">

We publish the information magazine "Fureai" to widely publicize information on association business information and reports, international exchange and understanding.

<Issuance of Chiba City Life Information Magazine>

We provide useful living information such as city administration newsletter to foreign citizens in English, Chinese, and easy Japanese.

<Information lounge>

We provide a place for exchanging information on international exchange / cooperation group activities, events, volunteer activities, etc., and for exchanges between foreign citizens and Japanese citizens. Contract business

<International exchange plaza management business>

"Chiba City International Exchange Plaza" is a base facility for multicultural coexistence, international exchange, and international cooperation activities in Chiba City, such as providing living counseling for foreign citizens, providing Japanese learning space, providing living information, and providing a place for exchange between citizens. We are engaged in the operation of ".

<International exchange volunteer training business> * Reiwa XNUMXrd year

Held the "International Exchange Volunteer Leader Conference" to support interpreting such as community interpreting activities Prepare the environment.In addition, we will set up a new study group on the certification system for volunteer interpreters.

<Regional Japanese Language Education Business> * Reiwa XNUMXrd year

Based on the Chiba City Regional Japanese Language Education Promotion Plan, the placement of coordinators with specialized knowledge, the establishment of the "Chiba City Regional Japanese Language Education Promotion Council" to discuss measures, the first Japanese language class and reading and writing class We will implement Japanese language courses, develop human resources involved in Japanese language education and support, support local Japanese language classes, collaborate with related organizations, and provide easy Japanese language training for local citizens.