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Group learning class

What to do in class

 *This class is open to those who cannot participate in the long-term "beginner's class".Study in groups.

  1. Participants are divided into groups to study independently.
  2. Teachers and exchange staff will support you.
  3. Those who want to learn letters will learn using hiragana and katakana teaching materials and online learning sites.
  4. Those who want to learn beginners will practice using the teaching materials of the Chiba City International Association.
  5. Bring the materials you want to use and study by yourself.
  6. Suggest the learning activities you want to do in class and work with others.

In particular

 Recommended for those who want to learn Japanese but don't know if they can come every week on a continuous basis, or who are not confident of attending a long-term course.
 You may come from time to time.You may come every time.
 Basically, you will study by yourself with your friends.
 Japanese teachers will propose learning materials and learning activities.
 We also answer questions about Japanese.
 However, the teacher does not teach you all the time.You can also learn while having a conversation with a Japanese exchange member.
 Do you want to study at home, but you can't keep up?
 You can come to this class to get into the habit of studying and learn how to study independently.

Number of courses and duration

 Conducted 10 times each term
 1 hours once


 Chiba City International Association Plaza Conference Room


 10 yen for 3,000 classes each period (including teaching materials)

teaching material

  1. Original teaching material "Japanese that conveys me"
  2. web content


 Phase 1 From May 2024, 5 to August 15, 2024 Every Wednesday from 7:31 to 10:00

 Phase 2 From May 2024, 5 to July 25, 2024 Every Saturday from 7:27 to 10:00

 Term 3 From November 2024, 9 to February 4, 2024 Every Wednesday from 11:6 to 10:00

 Phase 4 From August 2024, 9 to November 7, 2024 Every Saturday from 11:16 to 10:00

 Term 5 From November 2024, 11 to February 27, 2025 Every Wednesday from 2:12 to 10:00

 Phase 6 From August 2024, 11 to November 30, 2025 Every Saturday from 2:15 to 10:00

Inquiries / questions about Japanese classes

Please contact us from "Ask about Japanese class" below.
Please write your questions in Japanese as much as possible.

Apply for a Japanese class

In order to apply for a Japanese class, it is necessary to complete a Japanese comprehension check and register as a Japanese learner.

Please make an appointment for the Japanese comprehension check first.

For further information, please read "How to start learning Japanese"Look at