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How to start learning Japanese

Japanese activities of Chiba City International Association

The Chiba City International Association provides various places for foreign citizens to learn Japanese, such as one-on-one Japanese activities and Japanese language classes.

How to start Japanese activities of Chiba City International Association

To participate in the Japanese language activities of the Chiba City International Association, you need to register as a Japanese learner.


People who live in Chiba city, people who work for companies in Chiba city, people who go to school in Chiba city

Flow of Japanese learner registration

(XNUMX) Register as a Japanese learner

Apply for Japanese language learner registration from the following.

* (XNUMX) Japanese learner registration will not be completed until the Japanese comprehension check is completed.

* (XNUMX) Japanese language learner registration will not be completed until identity verification is completed.

* If you check your Japanese comprehension level at the counter, you can do it together with your identity verification.If you would like to perform a Japanese comprehension check and identity verification together, please check the Japanese comprehension check schedule.

(XNUMX) Check your understanding of Japanese

We will check how much you understand Japanese and propose learning activities that are suitable for Japanese learners.

Please come to Chiba City International Exchange Association

If you are going to check your Japanese comprehension, please make a reservation.

* Please send the necessary information to the association on the Japanese learner registration page before checking your understanding of Japanese.

(XNUMX) Come to the Chiba City International Association to verify your identity.

You will be asked to show your residence card to verify your identity.

Once you have verified your identity, you can participate in Japanese activities.

* For those who apply for one-on-one Japanese language activities, please fill in the "Foreign Participant Survey Form" at the time of identity verification.

Please check the opening hours and locations of the Chiba City International Association and the work days of foreign language staff from the following.

After registering as a Japanese learner

After verifying your identity, please apply for your desired Japanese language activity from the "Apply" page.

* There may be no Japanese activities that can be accepted depending on the time of year.

Please check the annual event schedule for the period of Japanese language activities.