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Japanese exchange connection course

Japanese exchange connection course

 Chiba City promotes the creation of a multicultural community where citizens with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds can live and learn together.
 This course is for those who aim to be leaders in such regional development.
 Learn the basics of multicultural coexistence and Japanese language exchange with foreign citizens.

Japanese language exchange connection course (former: Japanese language learning supporter course)


 ・Those who are willing to participate in the following activities in Chiba City and are able to attend all five sessions
  Practice to make it easier for foreigners to participate in club activities, local groups, etc. (become "connecting")
  Actively communicate in Japanese with people who do not speak Japanese at work or in their daily lives
  Participate in Japanese language classes in the city, exchanges with the Chiba City International Association, and activities to support learning Japanese

 ・Those who will be working as a Japanese exchange coordinator for the Chiba City International Exchange Association and can attend all five times.
 (Excluding those who have taken the "Japanese Language Learning Supporter Course" and "New Basic Course" up to the 3rd year of Reiwa)


 ・Promotion of multicultural coexistence and Japanese language exchange
  We will learn about the acceptance situation of foreign citizens, language and life issues, and think about the purpose of promoting multicultural coexistence and Japanese language exchange.

 ・ Easy Japanese
  You can use "Easy Japanese" when communicating with people who are not familiar with Japanese.Learn how to make and use.

 ・"Listen" and "Wait"
  What does it mean to accept words and understand culture?Learn points through experience.

 ・Let's talk with foreigners
  Dialogue with foreigners on familiar themes in daily life.Think about the meaning of dialogue while looking back on the content and methods.

 ・Practice as “connecting”
  We will think about the place where “Tsunatte” can play an active role and make an activity plan.Review the entire course and connect it to future practice.

  *This is not a course on Japanese teaching methods.


  Issue 1 15 24
  2nd term 24 people

 Number of courses and duration

  1. Conducted 5 times in total
  2. 1 hours per session (2 hours for the first session only)


  Chiba City International Association Plaza Conference Room


  3,000 yen (5 times in total) * There is no discount price for supporting members


  Issue 1 Every Wednesday from July 7th to August 5nd Finish
  Issue 2 Every Saturday from November 11th to December 4nd Finish

 How to apply

  Issue 1 June 5th (Sat) reception start Acceptance end
  Issue 2 Acceptance starts on May 9 (Mon) Acceptance end


 Held lectures / training

  Please check the annual event schedule for the courses and training that will be held this year.