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One-on-one Japanese language activity / online activity skill improvement training & exchange meeting

One-on-one Japanese language activity / online activity skill improvement training & exchange meeting

Do you have any problems with how to use your computer or online conference service when you are doing online activities for one-on-one Japanese activities?
Also, have you ever wondered how other exchange coordinators are doing?
In the one-on-one Japanese activity (online) skill improvement training & exchange meeting, we will hold a briefing session on how to operate the PC and how to use the online conference system, and an information exchange meeting between exchange members.

In the first half of the briefing session on PCs and online conference systems, we invited exchange coordinators who are conducting online activities using various web services as instructors, and talked about their problems and what they could do. It's fine, but..." We will provide explanations and advice.

At the opinion exchange meeting in the second half, exchange members freely exchange information about activities and ideas.
We welcome anyone who wants to start working as an exchange coordinator, introduce their own activities, exchange opinions on activities, and interact with other exchange coordinators.Please join us even if you are only doing face-to-face activities.

*It is possible to participate in only the first half or the second half.

Participation condition

・Those who are working as Japanese exchange coordinators (both face-to-face and online activities are acceptable)

・People who have worked as a Coordinator for Japanese Language Exchange in the past

・ Those who have taken the course by connecting Japanese language exchanges.

・ Those who can participate in the online conference by face-to-face on the day

Entry fee


Implementation format

Online conference (using Zoom)

Date and Time

 2022st: Saturday, July 30, 10 00: 12-00: XNUMX

 2022nd: Saturday, November 11, 12 10: 00-12: 00

 2023rd: Saturday, February 18, 10 00: 12-00: XNUMX


First half 10: 00-10: 55

・Lecturer/participant self-introduction (name, how you have been active so far, reason for participation, etc.)

・ How to start an online meeting such as Zoom

・ Introduction of convenient services that can be used in online activities, etc.

* The first half will be answered in the form of answering your questions, so it will vary depending on the content of the questions you receive when applying.

Second half 11: 00-11: 30

・ Exchange between exchange members

 Information exchange, trouble consultation, request, chat, etc.

Individual support 11: 30-12: 00

* We will respond individually to questions regarding the operation of the PC.
One-on-one Japanese activities (online) will be held as necessary after the skill improvement training & exchange meeting.


First-come-first-served basis 0 names

way to participate

Please apply from the application form below

Please enter the room at the start time of each session.

Deadline for acceptance: 2022st session Until 22:17 on Friday, July XNUMX, XNUMX(Closed)

      First2022 times Until 11:17 on Wednesday, November XNUMX, XNUMX(Closed)

      2023rd time Until 2:15 on Wednesday, February XNUMX, XNUMX

 * We will inform the applicants of the URL of the Zoom room at a later date.