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Subsidies for activities of international exchange and cooperation groups

We will subsidize part of the expenses required for the project in order to promote activities to support foreign residents, international cooperation, and international exchange by volunteer groups in Chiba City.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Subsidized organizations
 Organizations that meet all of the following requirements
(XNUMX) The main place of activity is in Chiba city
(XNUMX) The majority of the members are Chiba citizens
(XNUMX) The members and operators of the organization are volunteers.
(XNUMX) Activities related to the realization of a multicultural society for more than one year
   Or have a track record of international exchange and international cooperation activities (excluding foreign citizen support projects)
(XNUMX) There are rules and regulations necessary for the operation of the organization.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Subsidized projects
 Projects that fall under any of the following that organizations plan and implement voluntarily during XNUMX
Business A
(XNUMX) Foreign citizen support project (project related to Japanese language learning support for people with foreign roots)
(The above (XNUMX) is hereinafter referred to as A business)
Business B
(XNUMX) Foreign citizen support project (project other than Japanese language learning support)
(XNUMX) A project to promote the multicultural understanding of Japanese citizens and the understanding of Japanese culture by foreign citizens
(XNUMX) International cooperation and support projects
(XNUMX) Business to promote international friendship and goodwill, including sister cities and friendship cities
(The above (XNUMX) to (XNUMX) are hereinafter referred to as business B)

XNUMX. XNUMX.Grant amount
 Up to XNUMX yen, one case per group within the year, and either A business or B business
Only one application will be accepted.

(XNUMX) Business A
   The number of volunteers for each activity day x number of activity days x XNUMX yen = subsidy amount.
(XNUMX) Business B
   Within half of the subsidized expenses.

5.Application period: May 10th (Wednesday) to May 5th (Thursday) 25:17

XNUMX.How to get the application form 
* The paper format has been updated.Please be careful.

(XNUMX) Handouts

① Delivery requirements:PDF

② Grant application (Form No. 1):WORD / PDF

③ Outline of application organization:WORD / PDF

④ Business plan:WORD / PDF

⑤ Last year's (most recent) income statement: EXCEL / PDF * A business target

⑥ Balance budget: EXCEL / PDF * B business target
Income and expenditure budget entry example:PDF

⑦ Activity schedule:EXCEL / PDF * A business target