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Volunteer activities of Chiba City International Association

Volunteer activities of Chiba City International Association

The Chiba City International Association cooperates with many citizens as volunteers in order to promote international exchange rooted in the region.

NEW! Community interpreter / translation supporter

Foreign-speaking people in Chiba City provide services necessary for social life due to differences in language and culture.

In order not to lose the opportunity to receive and participate in community activities, we have a circle between the parties.

Fostering community interpreters and translation supporters who can cooperate in supporting smooth communication and accurate information transmission

To do.

■ Activities of community interpreters and translation supporters ■

Among the projects carried out by public or non-profit organizations / organizations, we provide interpretation / translation support for the following contents.

(XNUMX) Thing about administrative procedure

(XNUMX) Thing about various consultations

(XNUMX) Thing about education of child, student

(XNUMX) Health and welfare

(XNUMX) Medical matters

(XNUMX) Thing about activity such as neighborhood association

(XNUMX) Other things that the president deems necessary

Regarding accident insurance for those involved in community interpretation/translation supporter activities

Community interpretation/translation supporters are eligible for the following "comprehensive welfare service compensation".Please check the brochure below for compensation details.


Interpretation / translation (other than community interpretation / translation supporter activities)

Interpretation at international exchange events, general guidance at international conferences, reception assistance, document translation, etc.

Japanese exchange member

For foreign residents who want to learn Japanese, we will help you improve communication in Japanese, which is necessary for living in Japan.

Main activities

One-on-one Japanese activity


  • No qualification required.There are no rewards or transportation costs for activities.
  • As a general rule, the same learner of one-on-one Japanese language activity is an activity once a week for about 1 to 1 hours for 2 months.
  • The place of activity will be Chiba City International Association Plaza (association) or online activities.
  • There are various levels and needs of learners, so please consult with each other to decide the specific method.
  • No teaching materials are specified.
  • We cannot accept introductions from people in a specific language area.
  • Please refrain from studying a foreign language.

Volunteer language during a disaster

In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, we will support foreigners by interpreting and translating as a volunteer language in the event of a disaster.

Homestay Home Visit

(1) Homestay (accommodation available)

We will accept foreigners who accompany accommodation at home.

(2) Home visit (day trip)

Foreigners will visit your home for a few hours.

Introduction of Japanese culture

Introducing Japanese customs and culture.

Introducing foreign cultures at elementary and junior high schools

We will introduce foreign customs and cultures in Japanese at elementary and junior high schools in the city.

International exchange support

Engage as a staff member at international exchange events, etc. to further deepen your interest in international exchange.


  1. Only when necessary for volunteer activities, we may provide the requester with contact information, etc. with prior consent.
  2. Volunteer activities are basically unpaid, but depending on the content of the request, the client may pay transportation expenses and rewards.
  3. Volunteer registration is renewed every three years.If there is a change in your registered information such as your address or name, or if you decline your registration due to a move, etc., please contact us immediately.

About volunteer insurance

Regarding unpaid (including the case of actual transportation expenses) volunteer activities, "Chiba City Volunteer Activity Compensation SystemIs the target of.The association will handle the enrollment procedure and insurance premiums.
If you have an accident or injury during volunteer activities, please contact us immediately.


Registered volunteers should refrain from sharing any privacy-related topics or information gained during the activity with the outside world.
In addition, please keep confidentiality even after the registration period has expired or it has been deleted.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Those who want to know how to register as a volunteer