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For those who are doing one-on-one Japanese activities for the first time [Exchange staff]

For those who are doing one-on-one Japanese activities for the first time

There is no fixed activity method for one-on-one Japanese activities because the topics and the way of proceeding with the activities change greatly depending on the other party.
Therefore, if you are doing one-on-one Japanese activities for the first time, you may be confused about how to do it.
In such a case, please proceed with the activity referring to the following contents.

XNUMX. Send an email to the combination partner and decide the first activity date

Once the combination is decided, the Chiba City International Association will contact you.
After completing the paperwork of the combination partner, you will be informed of the contact information of the combination partner, the desired time and activity method (face-to-face or online), etc., so send an email to the partner and decide the initial schedule.
It is okay if you decide on the activity content in the first activity.
Since there is a partner, it depends on the situation, but you may decide the content of the first activity by e-mail or deepen the exchange.
Some learners can speak Japanese but have difficulty writing and reading.
Therefore, please use "easy Japanese" that can be read by men and women of all ages, and use as short a sentence as possible to make it easy to understand.

Example sentences of "Easy Japanese" email

To Mr. XX
hello.I'm a Japanese exchange member (Nihongo Koryuin).
I sent an e-mail with one-on-one Japanese activity (Ichitai Ichi Nihongo Katsudo).
I look forward to working with you.
I saw Mr. XX's schedule.
Is it okay for the first day of one-on-one Japanese activities to be △ month △ day?

* You can understand the other person's understanding of Japanese by looking at the reply.If you receive a reply, you may reply according to the level of understanding of the other party.

XNUMX. Decide on the theme of one-on-one Japanese language activities and how to proceed.

The learners, like the exchange coordinators, are doing one-on-one Japanese activities with their own goals.
If you are having trouble deciding what to say or what kind of activity to do, ask the learners what they would like to learn and how they would like to be.
In addition, the Chiba City International Association has "Examples of daily activities".Some have been translated into several languages, so there is also a way to pick up each of the Japanese and foreign languages ​​and decide on a topic such as what to say.

I think that the direction of the activity will be decided to some extent as you have conversations with the other party, so please proceed with the activity according to that flow.

The place where "Examples of daily activities" are placed at the Chiba City International Association

Please use it freely

XNUMX. If you are doing online activities for the first time, we recommend that you do the first activity face-to-face.

Online activities for one-on-one Japanese activities are carried out using web conferencing systems such as zoom and Google Meet.If you can't operate your computer well, you can't do activities.
for that reasonIf either the exchange coordinator or the learner is new to online activities, or if they are unfamiliar with activities, we recommend that the first activity be a face-to-face activity.
If you need help with how to operate the equipment or the flow of activities during your first face-to-face activity, please ask at the reception desk.
The staff will help you.

*The first face-to-face activity is not necessary if there are no particular problems, such as when both the learner and the exchange coordinator have experienced online activities.

XNUMX. Be careful when doing activities

The exchange staff is not a Japanese teacher.
Please carry out reasonable activities so that both the exchange staff and the learners can carry out fulfilling activities.
If you have any problems, please consult with the person in charge of one-on-one Japanese language activities of the Chiba City International Association.You can use the telephone, email, or inquiry form.