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Before starting online activities

Online activities for one-on-one Japanese activities use web conferencing systems such as zoom and Google Meet, so if you are unfamiliar with the operation of apps and computers, you will not be able to conduct the activities smoothly.
In addition, even simple things such as sharing photos that can be shown to the other party in face-to-face activities require technical knowledge to share in online activities.
Therefore, for those who are new to online activities, or who are inexperienced and anxious, we recommend that the first online activity be conducted face-to-face.

Confirmation of the situation of the combination partner

Once you have decided on a partner for a one-on-one Japanese activity, you will be informed of whether the partner wants face-to-face activities or online activities, the type of web conference system that can be handled, and whether or not you have experience with online activities. .
If it is decided that you will be paired with a person who wishes to participate in online activities and is new to online activities, if possible, the first meeting will be a face-to-face activity. Please check the atmosphere of those who are active.

If it seems that there is no problem in conducting online activities from the first time while keeping in touch with the other party, you can do online activities from the first time.

When conducting face-to-face activities for the first time

Please check the following items to ensure smooth online activities.

  • Please check the operation of the device to see if you can actually conduct online activities using the online meeting system or app you plan to use.
  • Please consult with the learner and decide how to proceed with the activity from the next time.

*If you have any problems with the operation of the equipment or how to proceed with one-on-one Japanese activities, please feel free to ask the staff at the counter at any time.

If there are no particular problems with the above items, you can freely participate in one-on-one Japanese activities.

What you need for the first face-to-face activity

・Items used for online activities, such as laptops and smartphones

*If you do not have access to the Internet while away from home, please contact the Chiba City International Exchange Association for assistance.