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Start one-on-one Japanese activities (1) Start activities-End activities [Exchange staff]

Start one-on-one Japanese activities (1) Start activities-End activities [Exchange staff]

XNUMX Contact Japanese learners and start activities.

When the paperwork of the Japanese learner of the combination partner is completed, the association will contact the exchange staff by e-mail.
When you receive the e-mail, please contact the Japanese learner from the exchange staff.
When contacting us, please use "easy Japanese".
The content of the activity may be decided in consultation with the learner during the first activity, so first decide when the first date and time will be and start the activity.
For exchange coordinators who wish to conduct online activities for the first time, we recommend that they conduct face-to-face activities for the first time.
Please check below for details.

XNUMX Reserve the activity space of the International Exchange Plaza (face-to-face activities only)

If you register a password in the management system, you will be able to reserve an activity space.
Please use it when conducting face-to-face activities.

* You can also reserve the activity space at the window of the association.

When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email of the reservation details.

*Basically, it is okay to ask for your name at the reception desk, but if there is a problem, we may need to confirm the reservation, so you can show the e-mail screen of the reservation completion on your smartphone, etc. Please prepare accordingly.

XNUMX If you come to the association on the activity day 

If you are at the Chiba City International Association on the day of the one-on-one Japanese activity, please let the staff know your name.

"I'm 〇〇, a Japanese exchange coordinator who reserved a table for one-on-one Japanese activities."

The staff will guide you if you can speak to that effect.

In rare cases, when pairing up for the first time, you may not know who the other learner is, or you may not be able to contact them on the day.If you have any problems, no matter how small, please speak to an association staff member.

XNUMX Japanese activity activity report (only if online activity is carried out) 

In the online activities of one-on-one Japanese language activities, the exchange members send us activity reports at the end of the month.

From the screen below, enter the e-mail address registered with the International Association and the password you set yourself to report the activity.

*Those who only participated in face-to-face activities can check the number of activities from the reception status of the activity table, so there is no need to report.If you did both face-to-face and online activities, please report only the number of times you did online activities.