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Start one-on-one Japanese activities (1) Preparation for starting activities [Exchange staff]

Start one-on-one Japanese activities (XNUMX) Preparation for starting activities [Exchange staff]

How to contact one-on-one Japanese activities from the association

In one-on-one Japanese language activities, when the association contacts exchange members and Japanese language learners, use the management system email "@".
We have adopted an e-mail sending method with a high probability of successful sending so that it will not be judged as junk e-mail by many e-mail addresses, but it may still be sorted as junk e-mail, so when receiving it, "@ select-" Please adjust the junk e-mail settings of your e-mail service so that "" is not sorted as junk e-mail.

The setting method is described on the websites of each mail service provider and mobile phone company.
* Alternatively, please check with the sales office of the mobile phone company.

XNUMX Receive notification of the combination result from the association

(XNUMX) When the combination is decided

You will receive an email from the Chiba City International Association stating that the combination has been decided.
When the paperwork of the Japanese learner of the combination partner is completed, the Chiba City International Association will send you an email again, and then you will start one-on-one Japanese activities.
Please set the password for the management system while the other Japanese learner is performing the paperwork.

(XNUMX) When the combination is not possible

You will receive an email from the Chiba City International Association stating that the combination was not possible.
If you wish to combine next month, please re-apply for the combination.

* When you do not receive an email from the Chiba City International Association

Those who apply for one-on-one Japanese activities will always be contacted regardless of the result of the combination.
If you do not receive the email from the association, please check your email settings and contact the association.The person in charge will contact you shortly.

XNUMX Register the password in the management system

When the combination is established, the association staff will register each of the exchange members and the learners in the management system and contact them.
When contacted, the exchange staff should set the "password" in the management system.

* Password setting is required only at the time of initial registration. For the second and subsequent combinations, you can log in with the password you set earlier.
After setting the password, you will be able to reserve the activity space and report the activity from the home page of the association or "My Page" of the management system.

What you can do with the management system

・ Activity report of online activities

・ Table reservation and cancellation at the International Exchange Plaza for face-to-face activities

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