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Start one-on-one Japanese activities (1) [Exchange staff]

Start one-on-one Japanese activities (1) [Exchange staff]

This is a commentary page for Japanese exchange members in one-on-one Japanese activities.


We will support you to acquire the Japanese necessary for your life by having a conversation in Japanese with a Japanese learner who wants to learn Japanese (hereinafter referred to as a learner).
The Japanese necessary for daily life is "Japanese used when shopping", "Japanese used when getting on a train or bus", "Japanese necessary when going to a hospital", "With colleagues and friends at school / work" It is indispensable Japanese for daily life, such as "Japanese for conversation".
Since this is an activity to practice Japanese by having conversations in Japanese, please refrain from correcting university papers, studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or teaching specialized Japanese for work. .
I tell the learners that this is not a Japanese language class, so it is not an activity where they are taught Japanese in a passive manner.
The content of the conversation for one-on-one Japanese activities will be decided in consultation with Japanese learners.


・ Volunteers of this association who can act as Japanese language exchange members (hereinafter referred to as exchange members) (those who have taken the course)

* Course for working as an exchange member as of July XNUMX:Japanese exchange connection course

Activity method

There are two types of one-on-one Japanese activities, "face-to-face" and "online".

(XNUMX) Face-to-face activities

Have a face-to-face conversation with learners in Japanese at the International Exchange Plaza "Activity Space". 

(XNUMX) Online activities

Have a Japanese conversation with the learner using a web conferencing system or a messaging app.

If you are new to online activities, please see "Starting one-on-one Japanese activities online activities [Exchange members]" below.

An example of a web conferencing system

・ Zoom

・ Google meet

・ Microsoft Teams

An example of a messaging app

・ Line

・ Skype

・ We Chat

・ Facebook messenger

Number and duration of one-on-one Japanese language activities

Number of activities

Once a week: Conversation in Japanese for about 1 to 1 hours.
The day and time of activity will be decided in consultation with the learner.
If you can agree with a Japanese learner, there are no restrictions on activity dates and hours.

Activity period

XNUMX months

* After XNUMX months, you can start a new one-on-one Japanese activity with another learner.

Activity costs


* Activity fees are collected from Japanese learners.

Application period

Applications are accepted at any time.

Combination of exchange members and learners

Once a month, we combine learners and exchange members.
The combination is done only once for each application.
If the combination you applied for before is not established and you would like the combination for the next month, please apply for the combination again.

Combination schedule

Deadline for combination application: XNUMXth of every month

Combination date: Around the XNUMXrd of every month

Notification of combination results: Around the XNUMXth of every month

Activity start date: XNUMXst day of the month following the application deadline

*The start time may be delayed depending on the progress of administrative procedures such as payment of student activity fees.

Combination method

・ We will mechanically combine people who meet the conditions with the contents declared in "One-to-one Japanese activity combination application".

・ We will give priority to the one with the least number of activities.