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Long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance system

The long-term care insurance system is a system that supports the long-term care of the elderly so that they can live independently even if they need long-term care.In addition, although long-term care is not required now, we will also prevent long-term care so that we can continue to live independently in the future.

Take out insurance

Those who are 40 years old or older and meet the following two conditions will be qualified as long-term care insurance insured and will be issued a long-term care insurance insured card.

  1. Those who have a resident registration in Chiba City
  2. Those who stay for more than 3 months, or those who are allowed to stay in Japan for more than 3 months due to renewal of the period of stay even if the period of stay is less than 3 months
  3. Those between the ages of 40 and 64 are insured by long-term care insurance if they have medical insurance in addition to (2) and (XNUMX) above (No. XNUMX insured person).The long-term care insurance card will be issued when you are certified as requiring long-term care.


If you fall under any of the following items, you must complete the procedure for disqualification within 14 days and return your insured card.

  1. When moving out of Chiba City
    * Those who have been certified as requiring long-term care (support required) or who are applying for certification as requiring long-term care (support required) can obtain the qualification for long-term care certification by submitting the certificate of Chiba City to the new municipality. Please be sure to contact the Long-term Care Insurance Office, Elderly Disability Support Division, Health and Welfare Center where you live.
    * If you move out to enter a facility outside Chiba City, you may continue to be insured by the city, so please contact the Long-term Care Insurance Office, Elderly Disability Support Division, Health and Welfare Center where you live.
  2. When you die
  3. When leaving Japan

Nursing care premium

The long-term care insurance system uses a social insurance system to cover the insurance premiums to the insured.

If you are between 40 and 64 years old, your long-term care insurance premium is included in your medical insurance premium.

For those over 65 years old, a long-term care insurance premium is levied on each person in addition to medical insurance.The amount of insurance premiums varies depending on the taxation status of the inhabitant tax of the person and the household members.

Long-term care insurance benefits

In order to use the long-term care insurance service, you must apply for long-term care (support required) certification to the long-term care insurance room of the Health and Welfare Center Elderly Disability Support Division of your ward and receive long-term care (support required) certification. Hmm (No. 2 insured person must fall under the illness caused by aging (specific illness)). By receiving "certification for long-term care (support required)", you can receive long-term care services at your own expense, in principle 1 to 3%.

(1) Application

If you need long-term care, you need to attach a long-term care insurance insured person's card (for the second insured person, a medical insurance insured person's card) to the long-term care insurance room of the Elderly Disability Support Division of your ward health and welfare center. Please apply for long-term care (support required) certification.

(2) Survey

Investigate the situation in need of long-term care.

A certified investigator visits your home and investigates your physical and mental condition.In addition, the attending physician will prepare a written opinion.Based on the results of the certification survey, a computer-based judgment (primary judgment) is made.

(3) Judgment

The long-term care certification examination committee will make an examination judgment (secondary judgment) on how much care is required.In addition, for the second insured person, we will also examine and judge whether it is due to an aging-related illness (specific illness).

(4) Certification

Upon receiving the examination judgment result of the examination committee, the ward mayor approves and notifies the result.

Judgment results are support required 1 and 2, care required

There are 1 to 5 and not applicable.

Those who require support 1 or 2 can use home-based services (facility services cannot be used).

Home-based services and facility services are available to those requiring nursing care 1 to 5 (as a general rule, those requiring nursing care 3 or above are eligible to enter the special elderly nursing home).

(5) Creating a care plan

When using the service, you will be asked to create a care plan.

If you need support 1 or 2, please contact the Chiba City Anshin Care Center in charge of your area.

Please consult with a home care support company (care manager) for creating a service plan (care plan) for people requiring long-term care 1-5.

* Chiba City Anshin Care Center is an organization that manages long-term care prevention and is set up in 30 locations in the city.

For details, go to the Long-term Care Insurance Office, Elderly Disability Support Division, Health and Welfare Center where you live.

Central Health and Welfare CenterTEL 043-221-2198
Hanamigawa Health and Welfare CenterTEL 043-275-6401
Inage Health and Welfare CenterTEL 043-284-6242
Wakaba Health and Welfare CenterTEL 043-233-8264
Midori Health and Welfare CenterTEL 043-292-9491
Mihama Health and Welfare CenterTEL 043-270-4073