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Foreigners are also obliged to pay taxes if they currently live in the city.

Tax system

For inquiries about national tax

Chiba East Tax OfficeTEL 043-225-6811
Chiba Nishi Tax OfficeTEL 043-274-2111
Chiba South Tax OfficeTEL 043-261-5571

For inquiries about prefectural tax

Chiba Central Prefectural Tax OfficeTEL 043-231-0161
Chiba Prefecture Chiba Nishi Prefectural Tax OfficeTEL 043-279-7111

For inquiries about city tax

Thing about taxation of city / prefectural tax, light vehicle tax, property tax
Thing about tax proof

Chiba City Eastern City Tax Office

Municipal tax sectionTEL 043-233-8140
(Proof)TEL 043-233-8137
Property tax sectionTEL 043-233-8143
Corporate DivisionTEL 043-233-8142

Chiba City Western City Tax Office

Municipal tax sectionTEL 043-270-3140
(Proof)TEL 043-270-3137
Property tax sectionTEL 043-270-3143

Thing about tax payment consultation

Eastern City Tax Office

Chuo-ku: Tax Payment Section XNUMXTEL 043-233-8138
Wakaba Ward / Midori Ward: Tax Payment Section XNUMXTEL 043-233-8368

Chiba City Western City Tax Office

Suburbs / Overseas: Tax Payment Section XNUMXTEL 043-270-3138
Hanamigawa Ward, Inage Ward, Mihama Ward: Tax Payment Section XNUMXTEL 043-270-3284

city ​​tax

City taxes include city / prefectural tax, property tax, city planning tax, and light vehicle tax.

City / prefectural tax

This is a tax on an individual's income during the previous year.

The person who pays

Those who live in the city as of January 1 and who had income during the previous year should declare their income by March 1.The tax amount will be calculated based on this.For details, please contact the Municipal Tax Division of each city tax office.

If you are a salary earner such as a company employee, the company will deduct the tax amount from your monthly salary and pay it in a lump sum.For more information, please contact the Municipal Tax Division of the Western City Tax Office.

Property tax / city planning tax

It is a tax on land and houses.

The person who pays

Those who own land or houses in the city as of January 1.
For details, please contact the Property Tax Division of each city tax office.

Light vehicle tax (type discount)

This is a tax on those who own a light car or a motorized bicycle.

The person who pays

As of April 4, one year's tax will be levied on those who own light vehicles or motorized bicycles.The tax payment period is May every year.For details, please contact the Municipal Tax Division of each city tax office.

Payment of city tax

City / prefectural tax

For salary earners, the establishment deducts the tax amount from the monthly salary and pays it in a lump sum.
If you are not a salaried employee, you will receive a tax notice and payment slip from each city tax office in early June. Payment will be made in June, August, October, and January of the following year in four installments.

Property tax / city planning tax

Tax notices and payment slips will be sent from each city tax office in early April. Payment will be made in April, July, December, and February of the following year, four times a year.

Place to put

  1. Financial institution window
    bank:Chiba, Keiyo, Chiba Kogyo, Mizuho, ​​Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui, Resona, Joyo, Tokyo Star, Saitama Resona
    Trust Bank:Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui, Mizuho
    Shinkin bank:Chiba, Sawara, Choshi
    Credit union:Yokohama Kougin, Hana
    Other:Chuo Labor Bank, Chiba Mirai Agricultural Cooperative, Japan Post Bank
    * Payment can also be made at the above financial institutions such as pay-easy ATMs and Internet banking. (45p)
  2. convenience store
  3. Financial institution branch offices (police boxes) and civic center counters in city and ward offices
  4. Credit card payment using the Internet (until the due date)

Account transfer

For payment of city tax, you can use fund transfer from the financial institution listed in the payment place ①.Please apply with a tax payment notice, passbook / seal (notification stamp) to the financial institution or post office where you have a deposit account, or apply with the postcard enclosed with the tax payment notice.Some financial institutions can also apply from the city homepage.

At the time of departure

If you leave Japan after the due date, city tax will be levied even if you leave Japan, so you need to appoint a tax administrator or pay the full amount by payment slip.

If you are leaving Japan and it is difficult to appoint a tax administrator after the due date, please contact each city tax office.