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Those who have newly moved to Chiba City or those who have moved to Chiba City will have a residence card or special residence card at the Citizen's General Counter Section or Citizen Center of the ward office within 14 days from the day they start living in their new residence. Please submit the necessary items such as the Permanent Resident Certificate to complete the change procedure.

In addition, those who move from Chiba City to another city, and those who are on overseas business trips or overseas trips for one year or more also need to submit a notification.

Changes, reissues, and returns of items on the residence card other than the address will be done by the Immigration Bureau of Japan.For details, please check with the Immigration Bureau.

(*) For Special Permanent Residents, even if there is a change in the information on the Special Permanent Resident Certificate other than the address (name, nationality, etc.), the procedure will be carried out at the ward office.In addition to the passport, one photo (length 16 cm x width 1 cm (taken within 4 months before the submission date, upper body, no front cap, no background) is also required for those 3 years and older. The application is made by the person himself / herself. However, if the person is under 3 years old, the application should be made by the father or mother living together.

(1) Those who have moved to Chiba City from abroad (after new landing)

Application period

Within 14 days after moving

Things necessary

Residence card or special permanent resident certificate, passport

(2) Those who have moved to Chiba City from another municipality

Application period

Within 14 days after moving

Things necessary

Residence card or Special Permanent Resident Certificate, Notification Card or My Number Card (Individual Number Card), Transfer Certificate
(* The move-out certificate will be issued at the city hall of your previous address.)

(3) Those who have moved in Chiba city

Application period

Within 14 days after moving

Things necessary

Residence card or Special Permanent Resident Certificate, Notification Card or My Number Card

(4) Those who are newly eligible for residence card issuance due to the acquisition of residence status

Application period

Within 14 days after the residence card is issued

Things necessary

Residence card, Individual Number Card (only for those who have it)

(5) Common name offer

Things necessary

Documents, notification cards or My Number cards that show that the name you are offering is valid in Japan
(*) A common name is to register and notarize the Japanese name used in daily life in Japan, in addition to the real name.
(Not listed on Residence Card / Special Permanent Resident Certificate.)
(Example) If you are using your spouse's name after marriage, etc.

Resident card

"Nationality / Region" "Name (common name)" "Address" for foreign residents
"Residence Card Number" "Status of Residence"
This is a certificate that certifies the "period of stay".
As a general rule, please bring this certificate with you or someone in the same household who can verify your identity (residence card, driver's license, etc.) and apply at the Citizen's General Counter Section, Citizen Center, or Liaison Office of each ward office. ..A power of attorney is required if an agent applies.The certificate is 1 yen per copy.