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National pension

The national pension is managed and operated by the national government responsibly based on the insurance premiums paid by the insured and the national contribution. It is a system that pays a pension if certain conditions are met at that time so that the stability of life is not impaired.

Persons covered by National Pension No. 1 insured are all persons aged 20 to under 60, except for those who have employee insurance and their spouse, who will be automatically enrolled when they get a job at a company or organization. Foreigners who live in Japan are also eligible.
If the first insured person gives birth, the insurance premium for the prenatal and postnatal period will be exempted if notified.In addition, if you have a hard time living and it is difficult to pay the insurance premium, you may be exempted from the insurance premium if you apply.

Employee pension

Those who work for a company or organization will automatically join the welfare pension.At the same time, you will be the second insured person of the National Pension.
Insurance premiums are deducted from your salary.
For details, please contact the pension office that has jurisdiction over your ward.

A spouse who is dependent on a person who is enrolled in the welfare pension is a national pension No. 3 insured person.

Lump-sum withdrawal

If you have been enrolled in the national pension or welfare pension for 6 months or more and leave the country without receiving any of the benefits, you will be paid a lump-sum withdrawal payment by claiming within 2 years from the date of departure.For details, please contact the pension office that has jurisdiction over your ward.

Chuo Ward, Wakaba Ward, Midori Ward

Chiba Pension Office TEL 043-242-6320

Hanamigawa Ward, Inage Ward, Mihama Ward

Makuhari Pension Office TEL 043-212-8621