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National Health Insurance

If you are a registered resident of Chiba City and do not have medical insurance such as your employer's health insurance, you will be required to take out National Health Insurance.National Health Insurance is a system in which members can receive medical care by sharing insurance premiums and paying a partial contribution to medical expenses.
* (Note) Even if you have international student insurance, life insurance with medical benefits, or travel accident insurance, please take out National Health Insurance. (These insurances do not fall under the medical insurance system in Japan)

Joining National Health Insurance

Please bring your ID (resident card, special permanent resident certificate, etc.) to the Citizens' General Counter Section of each ward office to complete the enrollment procedure.
In principle, insurance premiums are paid by direct debit.If you bring your cash card, you can register your account at the counter.

Those who cannot join the National Health Insurance

  1. Those who do not have a resident card (those for sightseeing or medical purposes, short-term residents of 3 months or less, diplomats).However, even if the period of stay is 3 months or less, those who will stay in Japan for more than 3 months due to the renewal of the period of stay can join.In that case, you need a certificate. (Certificate or proof of school, work place, etc.)
  2. People and dependents who have health insurance at work.


If you fall under any of the following items, you must complete the procedure for withdrawing from National Health Insurance within 14 days and return your health insurance card to the Citizens' General Counter Section of each ward office.

  1. When moving out of Chiba City (Please complete the move-in procedure at the new municipality and join the National Health Insurance)
  2. When you get health insurance at your place of employment (Please bring your health insurance card and National Health Insurance card from your place of employment)
  3. When death
  4. When leaving Japan
  5. When you get welfare

Other procedures

If you fall under any of the following items, you must notify us within 14 days.A national health insurance certificate and ID card (residence card, special permanent resident certificate, etc.) are required for notification.Please carry out the procedure at each ward office citizen general counter section.

  1. When the address changes in the city
  2. When I quit my health insurance at work
  3. When the head of household or name changes
  4. When a child is born

Insurance card

When you join the National Health Insurance, you will be issued one card-style health insurance card to prove that you are a member of the National Health Insurance of Chiba City.Be sure to show your health insurance card when you receive medical treatment at a hospital.

Insurance fee

National health insurance premiums are calculated and totaled for each insured person in the household.The head of the household must pay the premium for all the insured in the household.Payment is by direct debit in principle.