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Opening an account

A residence card etc. is required. (Required documents vary depending on the bank, so please contact the bank.) It is common to use a cash card with a machine such as a CD or ATM to deposit and withdraw.

The cash card will be provided by the bank when you open an account.At that time, you will be required to notify the bank of the PIN (4 digits) required for withdrawal of deposits.

Domestic remittance

You can transfer money from your bank to the other party's bank account.The same applies to the post office, but you can also mail cash by registered mail.

Overseas remittance

You can send money using a fund transfer company registered with a bank, post office, or Financial Services Agency.

To use it, you need a document that can confirm your My Number.


For overseas remittances through banks, the foreign exchange authorized bank will be the contact point.Remittance methods include remittance checks and wire transfers. A "remittance check" is a check that a bank makes for remittances and then mails it by yourself. "Telegraphic transfer" is a method of sending remittance documents to the other bank by mail or wire and receiving them at the other bank.

post office

Post office financial services are usually from 9 am to 4 pm.
When sending money from a post office overseas, the procedure is done at the post office that handles foreign exchange savings (excluding simple post offices without staff).There are two remittance methods: address remittance and account remittance.
"Remittance to address" is to send a currency exchange certificate to the address of the other party.
"Remittance to account" is a method of depositing money to the recipient's account.

TEL (Japanese)0120-232-886 ・0570-046-666
TEL (English)0570-046-111

Post office business

In addition to handling mail, the post office also handles financial services such as savings, foreign exchange, insurance, and pensions.The landmark is the red "〒" mark.

Collection and delivery post office in Chiba city

Chiba Central Post Office0570-943-752 (1-14-1 Chuoko, Chuo-ku)
Wakaba Post Office0570-943-720 (2-9-10 Central, Chuo-ku)
Hanami River Post Office0570-943-252 (1-30-1 Satsukigaoka, Hanamigawa Ward)
Mihama Post Office0570-943-188 (4-1-1, Masago, Mihama-ku)
Chiba Midori Post Office0570-943-141 (3-38-5 Oyumino, Midori-ku)


New installation and breakdown

When you make a new phone, please call 116.
If your phone breaks down, it's number 113 (free).

international call

International call inquiries
Telephone company (application number)

Inquiry (22p)

KDDI (001)Contact: 0057
Softbank (0046)Inquiries: 0120-03-0061
NTT Communications (0033)Inquiries: 0120-506506

There are other companies that handle international calls.

International dial carrier identification number

When dialing:Dial the application number-010-country code-region code-the other party's phone number.
If you have a contract with a telephone company such as My Line, you do not need to dial the vendor identification number.