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When you get sick or injured

Bring your health insurance card and receive medical treatment at a hospital that handles National Health Insurance.The medical expenses at that time will be 2% to 3%.The remaining 8% to 7% will be paid by Chiba City to hospitals.

When I couldn't get medical treatment with my health insurance card

If you receive medical treatment without an insurance card for unavoidable reasons, pay the full amount of the medical expenses to the hospital, attach the necessary documents, and apply to the Citizen's General Counter Section of each ward office, and then apply to the National Health Insurance Section. The insurer's share of the valuation decision amount stipulated by the insurance will be paid.

Payment of high medical expenses

When the out-of-pocket medical expenses (excluding the difference bet fee and miscellaneous expenses) for one month's insurance medical treatment calculated by hospitalization and outpatient at the same medical institution exceed a certain amount, the difference is based on the application. I will provide it.

When high medical expenses are incurred

By presenting the "Certificate of Applicable Limit", the burden on the counter will be limited to a certain monthly limit, and you will not have to pay a large amount of medical expenses at the counter.Please apply at each ward office citizen general counter section.

When a child is born

When the insured gives birth, a lump-sum birth allowance will be paid to the head of the household.
By using the "lump-sum payment system for childbirth and childcare", the procedure is completed at the medical institution in principle, but if the direct payment system cannot be used or if the childbirth cost is less than the lump-sum payment and a difference occurs. Please bring the following items and apply to the Citizens' General Counter Section or Citizens Center of each ward office.

  1. Insurance card
  2. Maternal and child health handbook
  3. Knowing the bank account in the name of the head of household
  4. A copy of the receipt for childbirth costs issued by hospitals, etc.

When you are injured in a traffic accident or someone else

Originally, the perpetrator should bear the medical expenses, but you can receive medical treatment with the National Health Insurance by notification.Please contact the Citizens' General Counter Section of each ward office before using your health insurance card.
At a later date, the perpetrator will be billed for the medical expenses borne by Chiba City.