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Fire / illness, accident / crime

When calling a fire engine or ambulance due to a fire, injury, or sudden illness, dial 119.

The fire department also accepts reports 24 hours a day.

The fire department has both fire trucks and ambulances, so when you call

  1. First of all, whether it's a fire or an emergency
  2. Where is the place (Please tell the place from the name of the city, town or village such as "Chiba City")
    * If you do not know the location, please tell us the large building that you can see nearby.
  3. Give your name and phone number.

Traffic accidents / crime

No. 110 for crimes and accidents

In case of a crime such as theft or injury or a traffic accident, immediately call the police at 110.

How to report

  1. What happened (snatch, car accident, fight, etc.)
  2. When and where (time, place, nearby target)
  3. What is the situation (damage situation, injury situation, etc.)
  4. Criminal characteristics (number of people, physiognomy, clothes, etc.)
  5. Say your address, name, phone number, etc.

Police box

In Japan, there are police boxes on the streets and police officers are stationed there.We carry out various tasks closely related to residents, such as local patrols, crime prevention, and directions.Feel free to ask if you have any problems.

Traffic accident

Call 110 for any minor accident, or contact a nearby police box or police station.Record the person's address, name, phone number, and license plate.If you hit or get injured, go to the hospital for an examination, no matter how light it is.

Crime prevention

Please note the following to avoid being the victim of a crime.

  1. Bicycle theft Lock when you leave your bicycle.
  2. Aim on the car Do not leave luggage such as bags in the car.
  3. Put a cover on the front basket of the snatched bicycle