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Licensed Nursery School

Licensed Nursery School

This is a place to care for children (from the month following the day after 3 months of age to before entering elementary school) whose parents are working or who are in a situation where it is difficult to care for them due to illness or long-term care.Childcare fees vary depending on the circumstances of the family.

For details, please contact the Children and Family Affairs Division of the Health and Welfare Center of each ward.

Children's room

If not, we will take care of elementary school children

This is a place to take care of elementary school children when their parents are working or not at home during the day.

For details, please contact the Children and Family Affairs Division of the Health and Welfare Center of each ward.

Education system

The education system in Japan is basically 6th grade in elementary school, 3rd grade in junior high school, 3rd grade in high school, and 4th grade in university.School starts in April and completes the first grade in March of the following year.

Elementary and junior high schools are compulsory education, and elementary school enrollment is for children who are 4 years old by April 1 of that year.

Admission procedure


We will inform you of the date and place of the application for admission in the "Chiba Municipal Administration Newsletter" in October.For details, please contact the Kindergarten Support Division (TEL 10-043-245).

In addition, there is a benefit system for childcare fees for children who are enrolled in a kindergarten and have a resident registration in Chiba City so that as many children as possible can attend the kindergarten.For details, please contact the Kindergarten Support Division (TEL 043-245-5100).

Enrollment in elementary and junior high school

Foreign nationals are not obliged to attend school, but they can also transfer or enroll in municipal elementary and junior high schools.Please apply for school attendance at the time of resident registration at the Citizen's General Counter.

For families who have registered as residents and have foreign children of the age to enter the first grade of elementary school, we will mail the "School Survey Form (and application form)" in early September before enrollment. Please return it by about 1th of the month.

Those who are expected to graduate from elementary school are admitted to junior high school.

At municipal elementary and junior high schools, tuition and textbooks are free, but school lunches, excursions, and school supplies are incurred.

For those who are in financial difficulty, there is a system called "school attendance support".

If you would like to transfer or enroll in a private school, please apply directly to each private school.

For more information, please contact the Academic Affairs Division of the Board of Education (TEL 043-245-5927).

high school

To enroll in a Japanese high school, you must take an entrance examination.You must also be 4 years old by April 1st of the year, have completed 15 years of school education abroad, or have graduated or are expected to graduate from a Japanese junior high school.

Tuition fees will be paid to students in households with an annual income of less than 910 million yen, and for students who are financially difficult to study, "scholarship benefits" will be used for textbooks and teaching materials. And "Chiba City Scholarship Fund".