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We will dispatch and accept young people who will lead the next generation between sister cities, and while staying in each other's cities, we will deepen our understanding of culture and history and promote wide-ranging exchanges with citizens.

Sister cities that carry out youth exchanges

1. North Vancouver, Canada

Every year, we dispatch high school students from Chiba City to North Vancouver City and accept North Vancouver City high school students in Chiba City.

2. Houston, USA

We dispatch junior high school students from Chiba City to Houston City and accept North Vancouver City junior high school students in Chiba City every year.

3. Montreux, Switzerland

We dispatch young people (16 to 25 years old) from Chiba City to Montreux City and accept Montreux City youth in Chiba City alternately every year.

* All three cities have exchanges for about two weeks during the summer vacation.
Please see the report below for details on dispatching sister cities.

The youth exchange program in Reiwa 2 was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection.

In the 3rd year of Reiwa, we conducted online exchanges with the city of North Vancouver, Canada.

Online exchange (Canada)

Report of adolescents dispatched from Chiba City to sister cities

Report of the first year of Reiwa (2019)

30 report

* Currently, we are not recruiting dispatched students.

Youth Exchange Program Dispatched Student Recruitment

We are looking for dispatched students to sister cities in Chiba City.
If you are interested in overseas or want to try something new, please apply.
To apply, you need to apply for a briefing session.

Information on information sessions will be announced from the annual event schedule once the schedule is decided.

Notice regarding international exchange and international understanding

2023.10.19International exchange / international understanding
Introduction of foreign presenters at “Japanese Exchange Meeting”
2023.10.04International exchange / international understanding
International Exchange (Halloween) Party Recruiting Participants!
2023.09.26International exchange / international understanding
Recruiting visitors for the XNUMXth Japanese Exchange Meeting
2023.04.01International exchange / international understanding
XNUMX Youth Exchange Program Cancellation of Recruitment of Dispatch Students
2023.01.28International exchange / international understanding
Come visit us at the Chiba City International Fureai Festival