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Safety guide

A guide to protect yourself from disasters such as earthquakes and fires, "Safety Guide," is available on the Fire Department website.

In order to protect ourselves from disasters such as earthquakes, we have designated designated emergency shelters and designated shelters.

Remember the shelter near your place of residence.

If you would like to know more about the evacuation site, please contact the Disaster Prevention Countermeasures Division (TEL 043-245-5147).

You can also check the evacuation area near you from the foreign language portal page.

Chiba City Multilingual Disaster Prevention Email Delivery Service

We will send emergency information emails in multiple languages ​​in the event of a disaster such as heavy rain, earthquakes, shelters, etc.

Please send a blank e-mail to the e-mail address of your desired language below to register.

[Chinese (Simplified)]
[Chinese (Traditional)]
[Tiếng Việt]
[नेपाली भाषा]
[Bahasa Indonesia]

Chiba City International Association Facebook

You can read information from Chiba City about disaster prevention in multiple languages.

“Disaster Prevention Guide for Foreign Residents”

You can read about disasters and disaster prevention that occur in Japan.You can download it from the homepage.

Easy Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Nepali

Chibashi Safe and Secure Email

We use e-mail to provide crime prevention and disaster prevention information such as suspicious person information, weather warnings, and seismic intensity information. (only Japanese)

How to register

  1. Send a blank email to
  2. Access the URL (registration homepage) described in the automatic reply email and register

Safety tips

A free app developed under the supervision of the Japan Tourism Agency that notifies you of Earthquake Early Warnings, tsunami warnings, eruption warnings, special warnings, heat stroke information, and national protection information.

Languages: English, Chinese (traditional / simplified), Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali, Khmer, Burmese, Mongolian

Earthquake intensity (seismic intensity)

In Japan, the strength of an earthquake is expressed by the seismic intensity, which is the magnitude of the shaking.Please see the Japan Meteorological Agency website for details.

Notice regarding disasters, disaster prevention, and infectious diseases

2023.09.09Disaster, disaster prevention, infectious disease
Chiba City Disaster Support Center for Foreigners has been disbanded.
2023.09.08Disaster, disaster prevention, infectious disease
Chiba City Disaster Support Center for Foreigners established
2023.07.31Disaster, disaster prevention, infectious disease
Nine prefectures and cities joint disaster drill_Recruitment of foreign participants
2023.04.27Disaster, disaster prevention, infectious disease
New Corona Weekly Report (March 2023, 4 issue)
2022.05.13Disaster, disaster prevention, infectious disease
The fourth inoculation of the new corona vaccine begins