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New Corona Weekly Report (April 5, 4)

In order to help you understand the situation regarding the new coronavirus in Chiba City, we are creating a weekly report that summarizes vaccination information in Chiba City.

Notice regarding vaccination (April 2023, 4)

Eligible people for Omicron strain vaccine will change!

[XNUMX.About inoculation from May XNUMX to August XNUMX

  ■Part XNUMX

  -Over XNUMX years old  

  ・Persons between the ages of XNUMX and XNUMX who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill or who work at medical institutions or facilities for the elderly

   Those who are

  ⇒ During this period (May 5th to August 8st), you can receive one vaccination against the Omicron strain.

  ■Part XNUMX

  -If you are XNUMX years old or older and XNUMX years old or younger, "those with a high risk of aggravation" or "one time Omicron strain compatible vaccine

   Those who have never been vaccinated with

  ⇒ During this period (May 5th to August 8st), you can receive one vaccination against the Omicron strain.

  ■Part XNUMX

  -Those aged XNUMX to XNUMX who are not eligible for "Part XNUMX" above

  -Those who are XNUMX to XNUMX years old and are not eligible for "Part XNUMX" above

  ⇒ You cannot receive the vaccination during this period (5/8-8/31).Vaccination ticket which arrived at hand is until September

   Please keep it in a safe place.

[XNUMX.Reservation start date for group vaccination venue (for June)]

  SENSITY TOWER ⇒ Start accepting applications on Friday, April XNUMX

  (Address) 1000 Shinmachi, Chuo-ku, Chiba City Sencity Tower 

  Chiba Chuo Community Center ⇒ Start accepting applications on Tuesday, May XNUMXnd

  (Address) 2-1 Chibaminato, Chuo Ward, Chiba City

  * Please contact each medical institution for the start date of the "family frame" of the medical institution.  

[XNUMX.About sending vaccination tickets]

・We will send a new vaccination ticket to those who have completed the vaccination against Omicron strain, which started on September XNUMX, last year.

<When you received the previous vaccination>

Until November XNUMX ⇒ Shipped on Tuesday, April XNUMX

Until February XNUMX ⇒ Already shipped on Tuesday, April XNUMX

After March XNUMX ⇒ Sequential shipment

・If you have not completed vaccination against Omicron strain, we will not send you a vaccination ticket.

Please use your vaccination ticket.

・If you do not have a vaccination ticket, please contact the call center.

*The vaccination call center is open during Golden Week (April XNUMXth to May XNUMXth), so please feel free to use it.

*If you are not eligible for the vaccination between May XNUMX, XNUMX and August XNUMX, XNUMX, you will need the vaccination ticket sent this time when you receive the vaccination after September XNUMX. Please keep it in a safe place.

[XNUMX.Reservation method]

 XNUMX) Reservation at the city's call center/reservation site

  Individual medical institution (general category)as well as the  Mass inoculation venue Reservations for are accepted at the following call center and reservation site.

 XNUMX) Reservations at individual medical institutions

  Individual medical institution (family frame)Reservations for are accepted at each medical institution.

  Please contact each medical institution for information on how to make a reservation.

[XNUMX.Contact Information】

 <Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center>


  8:30-21:00 (Monday-Friday), 8:30-18:00 (Saturday and Sunday) 

  (Persons with hearing or speech disabilities) 

 FAX 043-245-5128 / Email

<Chiba City Corona Vaccination Reservation Site> Reservations for the general public at individual medical institutions and new reservations for group vaccination venues

<Corona Vaccine Navi> Reservation status of individual medical institutions, etc.

<city homepage> The latest information about vaccination