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■Community Interpretation/Translation Supporter (Currently accepting requests!)■

A community interpreter/translation supporter system will be launched, where interpreters/translators can be used in various situations in daily life.For foreign citizens, hospitals, and residents' associations who are having trouble understanding the language, our association dispatches community interpreter/translation supporters who can cooperate in supporting smooth communication and accurate information transmission between the parties.There is no cost.

Community interpreter/translator supporters are volunteers certified by our association, not professional interpreters/translators, or Chiba City employees.

■Person who can use■

■ Foreign Citizens (Chiba City Residents/Workers/Students in Chiba City)

■ Medical and welfare related institutions

■ Public institutions such as national, prefectural and municipal governments

■ Public Interest Groups/Organizations (NPOs, Neighborhood Associations, etc.)

■Activities and content of community interpreter/translation supporters■

Among the projects carried out by public or non-profit organizations / organizations, we provide interpretation / translation support for the following contents.

      FieldInterpretation/translation Contents that can be requested
OneAdministrative proceduresVarious procedures at city halls, ward offices, health and welfare centers, pension offices, etc.
TwoChild-rearing and tax mattersNursery school, resident tax procedures, etc.
ThreeThing about education of child, studentElementary and junior high school admission procedures, three-way interviews, career counseling, etc.
FourThing about health welfareNursing care level interview, employment counseling for people with disabilities, etc.
FiveMedical mattersRoutine medical examinations, examinations, various vaccinations, etc.
6Thing about activity such as residents' associations in the neighborhoodExplanations for new residents, disaster drills, summer festivals, etc.
Items deemed necessary by the president
Individually and concretely judged according to urgency and importance

*Please note that the following interpreter translation requests are not eligible.

*I have a question for the foreigner next door, so I would like an interpreter.

* I would like an interpreter when explaining the company's internal rules to foreign employees of a for-profit company.

*I want to send a letter to a friend overseas, so please translate it.Such

■ How to request ■

(Step XNUMX) Consult by phone or email about the content of your request 

TEL: 043-245-5750 / E-mail:

■When consulting, the client himself/herself should speak.If your native language is not English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Ukrainian, we may ask you to send us your request by email.

■If the client has symptoms such as fever or cough, only online interpretation will be selected for interpretation requests, and face-to-face interpretation requests will not be accepted.

■If we decide that we can accept your application, we will contact you.

■We cannot accept requests that specify the same supporter as an individual.

(Step XNUMX)Fill in the Community Interpreter/Translation Supporter system usage application form,SEND

If the association responds that it can be accepted, the requester fills in the prescribed application form (community interpreter/translation supporter system usage application form),cciatranslator@ccia-chiba.or.jpPlease send to (The application form will be available from January XNUMX, XNUMX.)

Download Community Interpreter/Translation Supporter System Application Form

Application form / REQUEST FORM

Community support system application form

Formulário de solicitação para sistema de apoiador de interpretação/tradução comunitária.

Форма заяви для супроводження громадського перекладача, усного/письмового перекл аду.

■As soon as a supporter is decided, we will contact the requester by phone or e-mail with details (interpretation: meeting time and place, translation: deadline, etc.).

■If you cannot meet the meeting time due to a natural disaster, etc., please contact the person in charge at the meeting place directly.

■You cannot request an interpreter by specifying the same supporter as an individual.


Please submit a usage report to our association after completing your activities as a community interpreter/translation supporter.

■Please let us know what you have noticed so that we can use it as a reference for future activities.

Requester report download


Formulário de Relatório/Feedback para de Serviço de Interpretação/Tradução Comunitária

Supporter report download

■If you wish to continue requesting, please fill in the information necessary for the transfer in the report.

■After submitting the activity report, we will process the payment of fees to community interpreters and translation supporters.Reward payments are scheduled to be made within three months from the month following the activity date.We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask for your cooperation in submitting the activity report.


■The Chiba City International Foundation and our Association Certified Community Interpretation and Translation Supporters will not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the client as a result of interpreting/translating activities.

■ We will share the requester information and request content with the community interpretation and translation supporter.

■Depending on the content, we may ask you to confirm the details and present relevant documents before the day of the interpreting activity.

■Community Interpretation and Translation Supporters only interpret or translate.Please refrain from asking individual supporters for their opinions or personal information, or requesting personal interpreters or translations.

About public relations

There are multilingual and Japanese versions of the community interpreter/translation supporter publicity flyers.If you would like to cooperate in public relations, please contact us and download, print and use the data below.

   Multilingual version    Japanese version