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Life consultation desk for foreign citizens

The Chiba City International Association has set up a contact point for foreign citizens in Chiba City to consult about various things that happened in their daily lives.If you have any problems or want to talk, please feel free to contact us.

In addition to daily life consultations, we aim to ensure that foreign language native speakers in Chiba City do not lose opportunities to receive services necessary for social life and participate in local community activities due to language differences. In addition, the Association will dispatch community interpreter/translation supporters who can cooperate in supporting smooth communication and accurate information transmission between parties.Click here for how to request

* Range of foreigners in Chiba city

① Those who live in Chiba City, ② Those who work in Chiba City, ③ Those who attend school in Chiba City

supported language

English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian

Reception time and place

If there is a staff member who can speak each language, the staff member will handle it.

If there is no staff who can speak other than the above or in a language, the translation app will handle it.

Please check the opening hours, commuting hours of staff who can speak foreign languages, and the location of the association from the following.

Consultation method

Consult at the counter

You can consult at the Chiba City International Association window.

Consult by phone

You can consult with the Chiba City International Association over the phone.

Phone number: 043 (245) 5750

Consult by email

Please write what you want to discuss in "Contact Us".

Consultation for those who live outside Chiba city

If you live outside of Chiba City, please contact the Chiba International Exchange Center or the consultation desk in your area.