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LINE consultation for foreign citizens

Chiba City International Exchange Association LINE consultation for foreigners

You can consult about life using LINE in multiple languages.
In addition, we will send out information about Chiba City that is useful for daily life.

①Even if you don't have a phone line, you can feel free to consult on LINE.
② You can consult while looking at each other's faces on the screen using a video call.
③ You can consult in multiple languages.
 Japanese (Easy Japanese), English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese,
 XNUMX Ukrainian languages

Note: *Depending on the language, the days and hours available for consultation differ.
    Language support date and timesee here.

   If you wish to consult about content with personal information, please contact the Chiba City International Exchange Association.
   Please call (TEL: 043-245-5750) or come to the window.

How to use LINE foreigner consultation

XNUMX. of LINEAdd friends (external link)do.

XNUMX.Respond if you live in Chiba City.
  The following people from foreign countries (XNUMX) to (XNUMX) can consult on LINE.
  ①People who live in Chiba City
  ②Persons who work at a company or workplace in Chiba City
  ③People who go to school in Chiba City
*For those other than ①~③, please consult with your local municipality (city, town or village).

XNUMX.Select the language to consult.
  You can choose from Japanese (Easy Japanese), English, Chinese, Korean,
  Spanish, Vietnamese and Ukrainian.

XNUMX.Answer your nationality or country/region of origin.

XNUMX.Please chat with us about your consultation.
  You can chat by pressing the talk button or pressing the keyboard mark on the left of MESSAGE.
  Note: Do not enter personal information (address, date of birth, password, etc.).

XNUMX. Consultation by LINE phone / video call
  "📞Press "Call" to use LINE phone. 
  With LINE phone, you can talk while looking at the face on the smartphone screen
  Video calls can also be used by pressing "Start video call".
  Note: Do not give out personal information (address, date of birth, password, etc.).