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Notice from Chiba City Hall (Support for Ukrainian refugees)

We will inform you about the response and support of the city regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Support for those who have been evacuated from Ukraine

Expand the consultation desk for foreigners (one-stop consultation desk)

The Chiba City International Association will provide information and various consultations necessary for daily life so that people evacuated from Ukraine can stay in Chiba City, which has different cultures and lifestyles, with peace of mind.

more information

We provide municipal housing, etc.

Including the provision of municipal housing reserved for disaster victims, household goods necessary for starting a living (gas stove, lighting equipment, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, kettle pot, vacuum cleaner, dining table set (dining 5) The city will prepare a point set), a clothes case, an air conditioner, a curtain, and bedding).
In addition, we will provide temporary accommodation facilities until you move into the municipal housing.

*Currently, the municipal housing for Ukrainian evacuees is full, so new applications are no longer being accepted.

Thing about municipal housing (housing maintenance section) 

TEL: 043-245-5846

Thing about provision of temporary accommodation facility until moving into municipal housing (protection section)

TEL: 043-245-5165

We will provide living support money

As a lump-sum payment until the life becomes stable, a living support fund will be provided for each evacuee.
We will provide "¥ 50,000".*Payment is limited to 50,000 yen per person x 2 times.

We are looking for volunteers to support interpreters

The Chiba City International Association is looking for volunteers who can translate Japanese and Ukrainian or Russian so that those who have been evacuated from Ukraine do not have to worry about the language barrier.

Those who want to register 

Those who can communicate in Ukrainian or Russian in addition to Japanese, who are 18 years of age or older, and who can work in Chiba City (including online interpreters)

Main activities 

Interpretation at the foreigner consultation counter conducted by the Chiba City International Association, accompanying and interpreting at administrative counters and various procedures

More information about volunteer registration

Request to everyone

Russian nationals who have a status of residence and live in the city are living their daily lives as Chiba citizens regardless of this military advance.
Let's try to create a town where everyone can live with peace of mind by respecting the other person without accusation for individuals of a specific nationality.

We are looking for donations from everyone

Donations from everyone will be delivered to the evacuees and will be part of what they need to live.Thank you for your warm support.

Donation by hometown tax payment

Please complete the procedure from the Chiba City page on the hometown tax portal site "Furusato Choice". (Reception starts at 4:22 am on Friday, April 10)

"Furusato Choice" (Ukraine support) Link to external site

Information on fundraising for Ukrainian humanitarian assistance

Installation of donation box

For the purpose of humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian people, we are accepting donations as follows.

[Donation box locations] Harmony Plaza 1st floor reception, Chiba City Social Welfare Council (headquarters, each ward office), Chiba City International Exchange Association, etc.

[setting period] Until Sunday, March 6, 3 ※We extended period
*Applications for the Chiba City International Association will be accepted until Saturday, March 6, 3.

Information on donations

Each organization is accepting warm support from everyone.If you are thinking of donating to Ukraine, please refer to the link below.

Support activities by companies and organizations in the city

(Free loan of smartphones, tablets, etc.)

Please let us know if you have any information on companies/organizations that are involved in this activity.

Support for city businesses

We have set up a special consultation desk to support businesses in the city that are affected by the situation in Ukraine.

1. Chiba City Industrial Promotion Foundation Management Consultation Desk
  We have established a consultation desk to deal with management issues and technical consultations for small and medium-sized businesses in the city and those planning to start a business.
 Masu. In addition, the foundation's coordinator, who has a high degree of expertise and extensive experience, visits the business office and
 We will listen to your management and technical issues and provide advice and suggestions for business development.
 Phone number: 9-5-XNUMX (Weekdays XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.)

2. Chiba Chamber of Commerce and Industry Consultation Desk
  With the aim of stabilizing and further developing business management, we provide management guidance on a wide range of issues related to business management.
 We have established a consultation desk.
 Phone number: 9-5-XNUMX (Weekdays XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.)