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"Newsletter from Chiba Municipal Administration" for foreigners

Useful information for foreign citizens from the monthly "Chiba City Administration Newsletter" published in Chiba City
I chose it and made it an article.
Information necessary for foreign citizens that is not posted in the city administration newsletter is also posted.

Please use the automatic translation function to see it.

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Please see below for past publications.

Published in April 2023 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

Published in April 2023 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

Published in April 2022 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

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Published in April 2023 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

March 2023, 3 (Saturday) Makuhari Toyosuna Station opens

Makuhari New City has a daily active population of about 23.
As the second station in Makuhari Shintoshin for convenience, it is on the JR Keiyo Line.
The new station "Makuhari Toyosuna Station" will open on Saturday, March 3th.

Questions: Transportation Policy Division TEL: 043-245-5351

[Makuhari Toyosuna Station Opening Festival]
 Commemorating the opening of a new station and the 30th anniversary of an ordinance-designated city in Chiba City
 An event will be held to commemorate the occasion.
 The event is a large gathering of mascot characters, firefighting and police vehicles
 There are also exhibitions and fairs.
 For more information on times and venues, please visit [Makuhari Toyosuna Station Opening Festival]
 Search or ask.

 Questions: Urban Policy Division TEL: 043-245-5269

Be sure to get your dog an annual rabies vaccination!

If you have a dog that is over 91 days old,
Register your dog and have it vaccinated once a year.
At the meeting injection venue, rabies vaccination, issuance of injection votes, registration of dogs, etc.
Procedures can be done at the same time

Venue: 15 locations in the city
Period: April 4 (Saturday) to May 8 (Sunday)
Dates and times vary by venue.
Fee: 3,500 yen *Additional 3,000 yen is required to register a dog.
(1) If you have already registered, please bring a postcard that will be mailed in March.
(2) If a dog registered outside the city and moved to Chiba City receives a group injection,
 Before that, you must notify us of your change of address.
(3) If the dog is sick, it may not be possible to receive the injection.
 Please get the injection at another venue or veterinary hospital on another day.

Inquiries: Animal Protection Guidance Center TEL: 043-258-7817

Cashless payment can be used to obtain certificates at ward office counters, etc.

Cashless cards, electronic money,
Barcode payments are now available.

Target procedure
(1) A copy of your resident card, your entire family register, seal certificate, etc.
(2) City prefectural tax income certificate, tax payment certificate, etc.

For more information, search for [Chiba City Cashless Certificate]
please ask.

Question: (1) Ward Administration Promotion Division TEL: 043-245-5135
   (2) Tax Administration Division TEL: 043-245-5119

You can get a copy of your resident card at a convenience store, etc.

Certificates such as a copy of your resident card and seal certificate can be obtained using your My Number Card.
You can get it from a multi-copy machine at convenience stores, etc.

XNUMX.certificate that can be taken
 (1) Copy of resident card, seal certificate, city prefectural tax income certificate
  Available time: 6:30-23:00
  Price: 250 yen
 (2) Certificate of all matters in family register/Certificate of individual matters in family register
  Available time: 9:00-17:00
  (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
  Price: 400 yen
 (3) Vaccination certificate (vaccine passport)
  Available time: 6:30-23:00
  Price: 120 yen

XNUMX.Available store
 XNUMX-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, Ministop, Aeon Style, etc.
 For details, search for [Chiba City Convenience Store Issuance].

Questions: Ward Administration Promotion Division TEL: 043-245-5134

Childbirth and child-rearing support plan started in March Supporting childbirth and child-rearing

In addition to support such as interviews and visits so that you can give birth and raise children with peace of mind
We will also help pay out benefits during pregnancy and after childbirth.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Target person
 (1) Those who submitted a pregnancy notification or a birth notification between April 2022, 4 and February 1, 2023
 (2) Those who have submitted pregnancy notification after March 2023, 3
 (3) raising a child born after March 2023, 3,
  Those who have issued a "Birth Notice" in the Maternal and Child Health Handbook Supplement, etc.

XNUMX.Payment amount
 1 yen per pregnant woman
 1 yen per child

XNUMX.Application method
 Target person (1): Information will be sent after March
 Eligible people (2): Application forms will be distributed when you submit your pregnancy notification.
 Target person (3): We will visit and distribute the application form before the 4-month checkup.

Question: Municipal Childbirth and Child-rearing Support Plan Benefits Secretariat TEL: 0570-043-543

Vacant house resident of municipal housing

(1) General
 Application qualifications: Households within the occupancy income criteria, such as having an emergency contact
      A person who fulfills the requirements.
(2) Expired (for child-rearing households)
 Application qualifications: Those who can apply for (1) and children under elementary school age
      Households with only parents under the age of 45.

Tenancy period: 10 years from the date you start living
Scheduled move-in date: From Saturday, July 2023, 7
Lottery date: April 4 (Friday)
Application form: From March 3 (Friday), contact the City Housing Supply Corporation, Ward Office Regional Promotion Division,
    You can get it at the Prefectural Housing Information Plaza (1-16 Sakaemachi, Chuo-ku).
If you have any questions about eligibility, please ask.
Application: April 4st (Saturday) to April 1th (Monday) (A stamp from the post office during this period is sufficient)
   Submit the application form and required documents to 260-0026 Chibaminato, Chuo-ku 2-1
   Please mail to Chiba City Housing Supply Corporation.
   * Duplicate applications are not allowed.

Inquiries: Chiba City Housing Supply Corporation TEL: 043-245-7515

March 3st to March 1th Spring Fire Prevention Campaign

This is the season when the air is dry and fires are more likely to occur.

Important things to prevent fires and protect lives
(1) Do not smoke in bed or let them smoke
(2) Use the stove in a safe place.
 use a safety device
(3) Remove dust from electrical outlets.
 Remove unused plugs.
(4) Residential fire alarms should be inspected regularly.
(5) Use curtains and bedding that do not burn easily.
(6) Decide how to escape the elderly and physically handicapped.Such

Inquiries: Fire Bureau Prevention Division TEL: 043-202-1613

Be sure to protect it!bicycle rules

A bicycle is an easy-to-use vehicle.
You must obey the traffic rules and drive on the road.

For safe bicycle use
(1)Take care of people walking
(2) Drive on the left edge of the roadway
(3) Turn on the light in dark places.
(4) Buy bicycle insurance! 
 Be sure to purchase bicycle insurance.
(5) Check before riding a bicycle!Helmet!
 Please check your bicycle for safe riding.
 Please wear a helmet to protect yourself from traffic accidents.

Questions: Bicycle Policy Division TEL: 043-245-5607

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Events / Events

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the event may be canceled or postponed.
Please check with the respective event organizers for the latest information.

Chiba Castle Sakura Festival

The Chiba Castle Sakura Festival is held at Inohana Park.
You can buy vegetables and foods made in Chiba.
At night, the lights are on and it is very beautiful.
You can watch taiko drum performances.

Date: March 3 (Saturday) - April 25 (Sunday) 4:2-12:00 
Venue: Inohana Park (1-6 Inohana, Chuo-ku)

(1) Light-up of Chiba Castle 18:00-21:00
(2) Sales of local products and agricultural products
 Saturday, March 3, Sunday, March 25,
 April 4 (Saturday), April 1 (Sunday) 
 From 12:00 (end when all sold)
(3) Traditional performing arts March 3 (Saturday) and 25 (Sunday)    
 April 4 (Saturday) and April 1 (Sunday) 4:2-12:00    

For details, please search for [Chiba Castle Sakura Festival].

Inquiries: Chiba Castle Sakura Festival Executive Committee TEL: 043-242-0007

Animal Park Rokyoku Oral Performance "Seton Dobutsuki - Bear King Monarch"

"Rokyoku" is a traditional Japanese culture.
We will talk while singing along with the performance of the Japanese musical instrument "shamisen".
Fun for everyone.

Date: Sunday, August 3, 19:13-30:15
Venue: Zoological Park, Animal Science Museum Lecture Room
Capacity: 150 people from early people
Application: Please come directly to the venue on the day.
Price: 700 yen as entrance fee *Junior high school students and younger are free

Inquiries: Zoological Park TEL: 043-252-1111

One coin concert

Marimba performance etc.

Date: Sunday, August 5, 21:14-00:15
Venue: Aeon Inage Cultural Hall (1 Konakadai, Inage Ward)
Capacity: 180 people from early people
Price: 500 yen for adults, 100 yen for elementary school students and younger
(Free for infants who can be seen on a parent's lap)
Application: Apply by phone
   Chiba City Cultural Center TEL: 043-224-8211

Inquiries: Chiba City Cultural Promotion Foundation TEL: 043-221-2411

Traffic safety class for good children

Date: September 4 (Saturday) 15:14-00:15
Venue: Hanamigawa Ryokuchi Traffic Park
Contents: (1) Traffic safety classes, etc.
   (2) White bike running performance etc.
Object: New first grader entering elementary school from April (guardian please come together)
Capacity: (1) 40 people from the earliest
   (2) has no capacity.
Please come directly to the venue on the day.
Application: (1) Electronic application *Search by [Chiba City electronic application]

Question: Regional Safety Division TEL: 043-245-5148

Events at the Lifelong Learning Center

(1) Monday Masterpiece Theater “Sunset Boulevard”
 Capacity: 300 people from the first person each time
(2) Thursday Masterpiece Theater "Infamous"
 Capacity: 300 people from the first person each time
(3) Parent-child animation screening in March
 Capacity: 50 people from the first person each time
Reception: Please come directly to the venue on the day of (1), (2), and (3).

Inquiries: Lifelong Learning Center (3-7 Benten, Chuo-ku) TEL: 043-207-5820

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Consultation without worrying alone

March is Suicide Prevention Month.
The important thing to prevent suicide is to make people around you notice the change.
It's strange that you haven't been feeling well lately to protect your precious life
If anyone is interested, please call me.

XNUMX.face-to-face consultation
 (1) Counseling room for heart and life (reservation required)
  Reservation only TEL: 043-216-3618 (Weekdays 9:30-16:30)
  Mondays and Fridays 18:00-21:00
  Saturday (twice a month) Sunday (once a month) 2:1-10:00
  *There will also be temporary consultations from 3:7 to 3:9 from March 18 (Tuesday) to March 00 (Thursday).
  Location: Room 18, 12th East Building, 8-501 Shinmachi, Chuo-ku

XNUMX.Consultation by phone or LINE
 (1) Mental care consultation at night and on holidays
  Weekdays 17: 00 ~ 21: 00
  Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, Holidays 13:00-17:00
  TEL: 043-216-2875 or LINE
 (2) Chiba Life Phone
  24 hours a day, 365 days a year TEL: 043-227-3900
 (3) Mental Health Center TEL: 043-204-1582
 (4) Health Division, Health and Welfare Center
  Central TEL: 043-221-2583 Hanami River TEL: 043-275-6297
  Inage TEL: 043-284-6495 Wakaba TEL: 043-233-8715
  Green TEL: 043-292-5066 Mihama TEL: 043-270-2287

For more information, search for [Chiba City Counseling for Emotional Concerns]
please ask.

Inquiries: Mental Health and Welfare Division TEL: 043-238-9980