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"Newsletter from Chiba Municipal Administration" for foreigners

Useful information for foreign citizens from the monthly "Chiba City Administration Newsletter" published in Chiba City
I chose it and made it an article.
Information necessary for foreign citizens that is not posted in the city administration newsletter is also posted.

Please use the automatic translation function to see it.

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Please see below for past publications.

Published in April 2024 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

Published in April 2024 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

Published in April 2024 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

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September 2024 "News from Chiba Municipal Administration" for Foreigners

Spring National Road Safety Campaign

The Spring National Traffic Safety Campaign will be held for 4 days from April 6th to 15th.

Exercise emphasis:
 ①Ensure an environment where children can pass safely.
 ② Pedestrians are given priority, and drivers are asked to drive with consideration and patience.
 ③If you ride a bicycle, please wear a helmet and obey traffic rules.
 ④ Never drive after drinking alcohol.

Traffic accidents are most common at dusk, at night, and early in the morning.
Pedestrians should wear bright clothing and reflective clothing.

Questions: Community Safety Division TEL: 043-245-5148

Handling of new coronavirus vaccination will change

Free vaccinations for the new coronavirus will end at the end of March.
Regular vaccinations (in principle, paid vaccinations) are performed in autumn and winter.
For more information, please search for [Chiba City Corona Vaccination] or ask a question.

Questions: Until March 3st
    Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center TEL: 0120-57-8970  
     (Time: 9:00-17:00)
   From December 4
    Medical Policy Division TEL:043-238-9941 (Hours: 9:00-17:00)

One-day medical checkup/brain checkup cost subsidy

In order to quickly detect lifestyle-related diseases, etc., we are targeting people insured by National Health Insurance and medical care for the elderly.
We will subsidize the cost of a one-day medical checkup and brain checkup.
To receive the subsidy, you must receive treatment at a cooperating medical institution within the city.

XNUMX. XNUMX.One day human dock
 Grant recipients:
 (1) People insured by National Health Insurance who are 7 years old or older as of July 1 Capacity: 35 people
 (2) Medically insured persons for the elderly in the latter stages of life Capacity: 3,900 people
 Self-pay amount: 18,400 yen for basic examination items, 1,000 yen for gastric and duodenal endoscopy,
       Respiratory function test 1,300 yen

XNUMX. XNUMX.Brain dock
 Grant recipients:
 (1) National health insured person
  Target age: People who are 7 years old or older as of July 1 and every 40 years old
       (40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 years old)
  Capacity: 450 people

 (2) Medical insured for the elderly
  Target age: People who are 7 years old or older as of July 1st and are in 75-year increments (5 years old, 75 years old...)
  Capacity: 600 people
  Grant amount: Up to 10,000 yen

 How to apply: Please apply electronically between April 4th (Friday) and May 12th (Monday).
      To receive the subsidy, please make a reservation at a cooperating medical institution in Chiba City.
      -Click here to electronically apply for a one-day medical checkup
      -Click here to electronically apply for a brain checkup

For more information, please search for [Chiba City One-day Health Checkup] or ask a question.

Questions: City Hall Call Center TEL: 043-245-4894

Get vaccinated

You can receive vaccinations to prevent infectious diseases. When receiving vaccinations
Please make a reservation at a cooperating medical institution in the city.
For more information on cooperating hospitals, etc., please search for [Chiba City Vaccination].

XNUMX.Type of vaccination:
 (1) Routine immunizations for children
  Types: Rota, Hib, Children's pneumococcus, Hepatitis B, Five types of mixture, Four types of mixture,
  BCG, measles, rubella, chickenpox, Japanese encephalitis, two types of combination, HPV, etc.
 * The HPV vaccine is effective in preventing infection with the virus that causes cervical cancer.

 For more information, please search for [Chiba City HPV vaccine].

 (2) Pneumococcal vaccination for the elderly
  Target: People who live in Chiba City and fall under ① or ② below on the day of vaccination.
  ①65 years old
  ②At the age of 60 to 64, heart, kidney, and respiratory functions, as well as immune function due to the HIV virus, are impaired.
   Persons with a disability equivalent to grade 1 physical disability
  Price: 3,000 yen

 (3) Vaccination against measles and rubella
  Target: Lives in Chiba City and was born on or after October 1972, 10.
     People who have not received either measles vaccine or combination vaccine, etc.
  *The following people are free.
   ① Women who wish to become pregnant and their spouses
   ②Pregnant women with low rubella antibody levels and their spouses
   ③ Males born between April 1962, 4 and April 2, 1979 who received rubella coupons in July 4.

Questions: (1) and (2) City Hall Call Center TEL: 043-245-4894
   (3) Medical Policy Division TEL:043-238-9941

We provide assistance with school supplies costs, etc. Study assistance system

Parents who live in Chiba City and whose children attend Chiba City elementary/junior high schools or national/public elementary/junior high schools.
We provide assistance for school supplies and other expenses to people who are in financial need.

Target: People who fall under any of the following

(1) If you received welfare during 2023 or 2024,
 People who don't have it now
(2) People who do not have to pay municipal tax in 2023 or 2024
(3) People who do not have to pay national pension insurance premiums or national health insurance premiums
(4) Persons receiving child rearing allowance
(5) Financially troubled people, etc.

How to apply: Consult with the school you attend, obtain an application form, and submit.
     You can also print the application form from our website.

For more information, please search for [Chiba City Study Assistance] or ask us a question.

Questions: Academic Affairs Division TEL: 043-245-5982

School information session for children with special needs

Aimed at parents of children who need special support or help in daily life or learning activities.
We will hold an information session about attending school.

Date and time:
 (1) May 5th (Wednesday) People living in Hanamigawa Ward and Mihama Ward
 (2) May 5th (Thursday) People living in Chuo Ward and Inage Ward
 (3) May 5th (Friday) People living in Wakaba Ward/Midori Ward
 Hours are (1)-(3) 10:00-12:00 on any day (reception starts from 09:30)

Venue: Chiba City Education Center (3 Takahama, Mihama Ward, Chiba City)

Target audience: Parents whose children are scheduled to enter elementary school in April next year and who are concerned about their child's development.
   People who are worried about going to school due to language delays, etc.

How to participate: Please come directly to the venue on the day.
     There are not many car parking spaces, so please come by train or bus if possible.

For more information, please search for [Chiba City School Information Session] or ask questions.

Questions: Nursing Education Center TEL: 043-277-1199

Child medical expenses subsidy receipt ticket dispatch

In late March, we sent medical expense subsidy vouchers to parents of children who will be entering fourth grade in April.
If you have not received your benefit ticket, please contact the Children and Family Division of your health and welfare center in each ward.
please listen.

Central TEL: 043-221-2149, Hanamigawa TEL: 043-275-6421, Inage TEL: 043-284-6137,
Wakaba TEL: 043-233-8150, Green TEL: 043-292-8137, Mihama TEL: 043-270-3150
Or Children's Planning Division TEL: 043-245-5178

You can use the image recognition function with the household waste chatbot!

AI answers questions about how to dispose of household waste.household waste chatbot” is available.
AI uses image recognition to distinguish garbage items from photos of garbage. Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
It can be used on smartphones, etc.

Question: Collection Operations Section TEL: 043-245-5246


Events / Events

Kokoro no Fureai Festival

Date and time: April 4th (Saturday) 27:10-30:14

Contents: Exhibition of works, entertainment competition, various psychological consultations, mental health checks,
   mini concert etc.

Location: Chuo Park/Cultural Center

Please come directly to the venue on the day of the event.

Questions: Heart Contact Festival Office TEL: 0436-26-7850

One coin concert

Date and time: March 6th (Sunday) 16:13-30:14

Location: Aeon Inage Store Culture Hall

Performer: Ryuzo (acoustic guitar)

Capacity: 150 people from early people

Price: 500 yen for adults, 100 yen for elementary school students and younger (free for infants who sit on their parents' laps)

Application: Please apply by phone from 4:4 on Thursday, April 10th.
 Chiba City Cultural Center TEL:043-224-8211
 Chiba Civic Center TEL:043-224-2431
 Chiba City Gender Equality Center TEL: 043-209-8771
 Wakaba Culture Hall TEL:043-237-1911
 Mihama Cultural Hall TEL:043-270-5619

Question: Chiba City Cultural Promotion Foundation TEL: 043-221-2411

Parenting chat time

People raising children and pregnant women (those with babies in their bellies) can participate with their partners.
(You can also go with your children). Hours are 10:00-12:00.
You are free to come and go during this time. Please go directly to the venue on the day of the event.

(1) Hanamigawa Ward
 April 4th (Wednesday) Makuhari Community Center, April 10th (Wednesday) Makuhari Community Center 
 Inquiries: Makuhari Community Center TEL: 043-273-7522

(2) Inage Ward
 April 4st (Monday) Kusano Community Center, April 1th (Friday) Inage Community Center, April 4th (Monday) Konakadai Community Center
 Question: Konakadai Public Hall TEL: 043-251-6616

(3) Wakaba Ward
 April 4th (Thursday) Mitsuwadai Community Center
 Inquiries: Chishirodai Community Center TEL: 043-237-1400

(4) Midori Ward
 April 4nd (Monday) Honda Community Center
 Question: Honda Community Center TEL: 043-291-1512

(5) Mihama Ward
 April 4th (Thursday) Takahama Community Center
 Question: Inahama Community Center TEL: 043-247-8555

Foreign language talk party

Date and time: March 4th (Sunday) 28:15-00:15

Location: Lifelong Learning Center Atrium (3 Benten, Chuo-ku)

Target: Elementary school children and their guardians

Capacity: 30 people from early people

Please come directly to the venue on the day

Questions: Central Library TEL: 043-287-3980



Infertility consultation

Infertility (not being able to have a baby) and recurrent pregnancy loss (such as the baby not growing in the womb)
Counseling for people.

(1) Telephone consultation (consult a midwife) TEL: 090-6307-1122
 日時:4月4日~4月25日の木曜日 15:30~20:00(受付は19:30まで)

(2) Interview consultation (consult with a doctor/midwife)
 Date: August 4 (Wednesday) 17:14-15:16
 Location: City Hall
 Target: People who are suffering from infertility or infertility
 Capacity: 3 people from early people
 Application: Call the Health Support Division from April 4 (Monday)

Questions: Health Support Section TEL: 043-238-9925

Health counseling for women by midwives

(1) Central Health Center April 4th (Friday) 19:10-00:12

(2) Inage Health and Welfare Center April 4rd (Tuesday) 23:10-00:12

(3) Wakaba Health and Welfare Center April 4th (Tuesday) 30:13-30:15

Location: Health and Welfare Centers in the above three wards

Target: Pregnancy (including unwanted pregnancy), childbirth, body from puberty to menopause
   Woman worried about health problems

Application: From Monday, April 4rd, call the Health Division of the Health and Welfare Center in each ward.
   Chuo Ward TEL: 043-221-2581, Inage Ward TEL: 043-284-6493,
   Wakaba Ward TEL:043-233-8191

Questions: Health Support Section TEL: 043-238-9925

LGBT professional consultation

Learn about the worries that LGBT people and those around them have in their daily lives.
You can consult via LINE and phone.
Consultation time is 1 minutes per person.
You can consult without saying your name.

For consultation dates and details, please contact [Chiba City LGBT Specialist Consultation]
Please search.

Questions: Gender Equality Division TEL: 043-245-5060